Back Pain

back painBack pain affects nearly 8 out of 10 people worldwide during their lifetime and is the number one reason people seek medical treatment. Whether it is temporary or chronic, this pain can affect a patient’s ability to work, move, and enjoy life. Through proper acupuncture treatment, chronic back pain can be relieved allowing patients to return to an active lifestyle more quickly.

Back pain can be linked to a variety of factors. Most commonly it is a muscle or ligament strain that comes from repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement, but arthritis or ruptured discs may also contribute to discomfort. Alongside conventional treatment, acupuncture allows the body to work towards healing and preventing further damage while simultaneously reducing the amount of pain and discomfort a patient feels as they repair the damage done.

Acupuncture improves the functions in the body and promotes self healing through the manipulation of energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”) flowing through the body by way of pathways called meridians. By activating certain acupoints across the body the Qi can be moved to help heal and relieve back pain and many other conditions. Depending on a patient’s specific symptoms and needs a practitioner will develop a plan that maximizes the impact of their therapy to allow their body to regain balance and heal. Treatment consists of sessions where sterile needles are used to activate specific acupoints in order to remove any blockages and promote the free flow of energy throughout the body.

Treatment will typically be accompanied by herbal supplements, massages, and stretching in order to promote the overall health of the body, leading to better health and better balance. By finding the root of the problem, acupuncture is able to create holistic health leading to fewer symptoms and a more complete and balanced health profile.

Remember to always communicate with your health care providers about any treatments you undergo and medications you take in order to avoid any drug interactions.