Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Chinese Medicine has a beautiful and poetic way of explaining the world, our universe, the human body and the nature of disease. There are many paradigms and stories told based on nature and the ebb and flow of the seasons. Acupuncture was developed as preventative medicine, working to keep things in balance, and thus striving for health. The Heart holds a special place in Chinese Medicine. In the kingdom of our bodies, the Heart is the revered Supreme Controller. It governs the other organs, and when things are healthy and balanced, it is a kind and benevolent ruler. On a physical level the heart pumps blood through our bodies to keep the other organs working and doing their jobs. On a mind and spirit level, heart houses our Shen, the spirit or seat of consciousness.

Things we can do to keep our hearts healthy include eating red foods such as beets, berries and red lentils. On a physical level exercise is important to keep our heart strong and healthy. Having joy in out lives is also paramount to having a healthy heart. When there is lack of joy, the heart is most affected. So not just on on Valentines Day, but every day, be sure to give hugs and express your love.

Your  heart will thank you!

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